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Young builders and engineers, the best puzzle game of all times is at your service! This is Poly Bridge! In this section, you will find numerous amazing bridge puzzles inside of the first and second parts of the game. We have all the updated and improved version here, as well as a pack of cheats and strategies that will help you become a better builder. In a word, this section includes everything Poly Bridge fans will surely appreciate. Are you ready for the hours of incredible gameplay, interesting puzzles, decision-making, planning, and, of course communication and competition with the other participants? Of course, you are! Then jump in and let’s start.

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The coolest building puzzle

The game Poly Bridge must the most popular building simulator ever. This is the well-thought title created by the developers who really understand the engineering tricks as well as the way bridges are made. They have filled the game with a wide range of tools, various materials, and puzzles to solve. Each level is a real challenge. You get to the location where a bridge needs to be built. The task is to choose the best place for it, find the most appropriate spot for the road, then choose the materials you are going to use, and start the actual building process. When you do, the puzzle restricts you in moves as well as the resources. First, you have a limited number of elements to place there. Second, the materials should be chosen wisely – not only they need to fulfill the main task (bridge must be stable and strong), but also you should learn how they work together. The problem is that some of them just don’t work when you try to group them, so the game will block certain options once you choose a pack of particular resources. Mind that when building and make thoughtful decisions!

What to keep in mind when you build a bridge?

When you start building, you need to know how to strengthen your masterpiece and connect its parts among each other. The parts of the bridge just cannot stay without connections – leaving them hanging in the space is not an option. There is no such car that will pass a bridge that is not strong enough, so think about that. What is more, the cars are different and some will pass particular bridges, while the others are more likely to break them. The game has numerous vehicles to drive, so you can do a couple of tests and see how your construction reacts on different machines. The game Poly Bridge encourages you to become better and build stronger constructions. That is why, in addition to truly engaging building process, there is a perfect evaluation process. You are expected to test, analyze, and find the weak spots of your bridges to know how to improve the concrete construction as well as your approach to building in a whole. The game has a slow motion replay, which allows you to see everything in detail: where is that problematic spot that spoiled everything? How to strengthen it? You will easily find your mistakes and learn more about engineering as well as invent your own tricks that will improve your further bridges. Grow, build more, share with other players, and have fun!

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