Poly Bridge 2

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Numerous building projects are waiting for you in the second chapter of Poly Bridge! This is the coolest building simulator that uses an incredibly realistic and well-thought physical model. Every level is a task – you must build a bridge that can easily handle any vehicle that rides over it. The other edge of the gulf is marked with a small flag and this is your aim – you need to reach the flag and this will inform you that the building project was successful and well-done. If you fail to make your bridge long, large, or strong enough, the car will fall down in the river or break on the stony bottom of the steep. The way you reach your goal depend on your only. Show your skills, apply imagination, and enjoy the process!
The new part of Poly Bridge is pretty much the same as the first one: similar gameplay, tasks, and even some well-known soundtracks you have already hear before (only now they are improved and remixed a bit). But there are also some new cool features you will definitely like. Not only the pack of cool new calming songs will play on the background while you are building your bridges. Also, there are new instruments that allow cars to jump over the problematic spots of the bridges you create. In addition, there is a detection tool that helps you identify mistakes you have done and therefore – avoid them in your further projects. In addition to all of that, you will enjoy improved graphics – more realistic and smooth than they were previously. There is a nice new physical model that includes new stunts and moves that look even more magnificent.
Maybe, the best and most surprising feature you will see in the game is the workshop. This is a room where you can create your own levels. The developers allow you to take a look at the game from their angle – you are welcome to construct the stages, make up the puzzles, and invent building campaigns. Everything becomes even more interesting when you share these stages with other players – you can offer them to play your own game, showing your skills and thoughtfulness. Will they tackle your tricky missions? In turn, you are most welcome to test their levels and enjoy rich user-created content – the levels projected by other members of the server. And don’t forget to try the Twitch streams here – you are welcome to join one and see your favorite bridge-builders creating their masterpieces in the real time. Witness the most stunning projects now!

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