Poly Bridge

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The real hit in the world of indie games, Poly Bridge, has conquered the hearts of games that prefer clever physical games where the tricky puzzles tickle your brains and make you think hard on every level that you see. This game has a pretty “honest” physical system, which is implemented in the way you create the bridges – so many factors of the constructions need to be minded. The idea is that the bridges act like the real ones, so they need special attention when it comes to the colons and other elements that keep them stable. Also, the length of every bridge as well as the shape and materials you use need to be considered with great attention. All in all, you are creating the bridges over real abysses where the cars can disappear forever only if you will make a single mistake! Don’t let the vehicles fall down and break – use your skills and planning abilities to ensure safe riding.
So the game will surely keep you entertained for hours, because it is full of enjoyable and interesting content. We bet that every fan of the puzzle games needs to try this incredible title for sure. There are more than 100 original levels, 20+ achievements to get, and a sandbox that allows you to compose puzzles with your own hands. You can create leaf bridges or one-piece constructions, depending on the tasks on your own preferences. There are hydraulic pistons, ramps, and classical bridge elements to implement in your amazing projects. Set your inner engineer free and play this truly incredible simulator of bridge building – we bet that you will get stuck in this game for days! What is more, the game includes a competitive element, which means that are you expected to think hard and build cool bridges that can handle everything. Create two-leveled bridges and even more complicated constructions – amaze your rivals with the approaches you take and see your name high on the rating board. Creating the best bridge considering your current budget and tasks, you will gain maximal score and, as a result, you will open a secret world of building with brand new opportunities. Then you will definitely gain the title of the best engineer in the universe of Poly Bridge! The community of the game is pretty large, so there are numerous other players that will gladly compete with you for the victory. You can learn from them and see how they solve particular building issues, then take more creative approach and win everything! Become the number one engineer and let all of your bridges serve for a thousand of years!

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