Poly Bridge 3

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Did you expect the cool news like that? Well, here you go then – we present the third part of incredible Poly Bridge, the best game in the world of building puzzles. Well-thought and truly addictive, this game will immerse you into the world of planning, constructing, building, and learning. Here you are the engineer, the one who projects the amazing bridges, chooses the best approaches, and tracks their efficiency. Your task is to choose the most appropriate and optimal building solutions on every level. The levels will become trickier with time, so get ready that you will have to think hard before making decisions. For example, you are presented with a certain task every time. There is a need to build a bridge and let the vehicles pass rivers and other obstacles with the help of your constructions. Ideally, they should follow the entire way safely and find themselves on the other bank unharmed. The bank is marked with a flag – when you reach the spot, you win the level.
Turn you creative thinking to the fullest and try to overcome each puzzle and every level you will witness. The game is rich for the unique puzzles – more than a hundred of cool tasks that tease your mind are waiting for you here. Are you ready to start such an intellectual and thrilling adventure? See if your constructions can handle the heavy cars! And, of course, learn how to make the best solutions and find the way to implement your bravest engineering projects in life. Mind the budget, think about the materials, and make sure to create the bridges that work in a particular number of moves – you are limited to a number of steps that are available. Have fun, show your best skills, and develop them in the process! Meet other players, see their decisions, and – the most amazing – try solving their puzzles! They are going to invent some tasks and you are welcome to try solving them. This means that the content of the game never ends and you can play it literally forever – other players will create new puzzles all the time! And, of course, you are welcome to do the same! Enjoy the game, unlock new opportunities, enjoy the tools that become available to you with time, and all of your bridges will be striking and tough!

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